Here are the answers to some of the most frequent questions

What will I receive when I order an AdBlue tank module?
  • Protective lid
  • Flow pump
  • Flow control device
  • Pressure gauge
  • Pressure regulator
  • Control module

Together, these elements make up part of the AdBlue tank module assembly.

All of these elements are 100% original. This allows communication with your vehicle to be exactly the same as the module replaced.

How will I know if it’s compatible with my vehicle?

If you have a Groupe PSA vehicle manufactured between 2015 and 2021, the module you receive will be an original part for your vehicle and, naturally, will be fully compatible.

What should I do with the old module?

After placing your order, fill out the return form. When the new module is delivered, you should give the old one to the transport service.

Why do I need to return the old module?

One of our objectives as a company is to generate the smallest amount of pollution possible on our planet. That is why we take care of recycling the defective electronic components. A specialized environmental agency completes the recycling stage at our facilities.

Is installation difficult?

No, you just need a screwdriver to remove the 11 screws that affix the lid of the tank module.

My car is giving me an anti-pollution system failure warning and saying that I will not be able to start the engine in x km. Will this module fix my problem?

Yes, when the system stops working, the vehicle automatically communicates this error. By replacing the module with a new one, the system will immediately start working again.



How much does it cost to repair the system at an official brand service shop?

The price range is around €1000 to €1600.

What happens if something goes wrong when installing the AdBlue tank?

Our technical department will help you with your questions, and can even come to you if the situation warrants.

How come there is such a price difference versus an official service shop?

We supply only the defective element that is causing the malfunction. This is different from the official service shop, where they will replace the entire AdBlue tank.

Will my vehicle pass inspection (ITV) with a malfunctioning antipollution system?

Since the system is designed to make the vehicle pollute less, if it’s not functioning correctly it will not pass inspection.

Can I ask my trusted mechanic to replace it for me?

We recommend that replacing the module of the AdBlue tank be performed by professionals.

They say that a poor-quality AdBlue liquid makes it crystallize and clog the tank, causing a malfunction. Why?

Just like fuel, there are different qualities of AdBlue. The system is designed with mechanisms to deal with and work with different brands of AdBlue. The percentage of clogged tanks is less than 1%.

The official technical service where my car is refuses to install the new module. What can I do?

Contact us and we’ll speak to your mechanic shop so that they can install it.

I’ve read on the Internet that it’s a manufacturing defect and that the brand should take care of it.

We recommend that you visit your vehicle’s official service network so they can give you information about this.

Can I keep the old module?

Yes, but that will cost €100.

What kind of warranty will I have?

One-year warranty